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Worst is yet to Come, Beijing Informs Staff due to high risk of doubts with US on Trade War

Worst is yet to Come

Four day study session on risk control, held by the Communist Party has been wrapped up on Thursday, an event analysts mentioned by highlighting the authorities deep concern regarding the increase foreign instability and uncertainty amidst high risk of doubts on trade war with United States.

During the closing ceremony of the Session’s, hundreds of top authorities from around the country participated in the session, the guru of the party Wang Huning and one of the fifth most powerful member urged the cadres in order to control the risks, to fight a tough battle, Xinhua a state news agency published this.

Wang and Xi Jinping the Chinese President both informed the authorities that they must create bottom line thinking or be ready to face the worst situation.

Prolonged lists of problems faced by Beijing were identified by Wang, further impelling the authorities to protect the leadership of Xi’s and the party members should agree to it. Wang also informed the officials they should pursue ahead by demonstrating what they have learned either actions or results.

On the opening session held on Monday Wang message was acknowledged by Xi’s when they were addressed that the authorities should be careful about the risks that causes danger to the stability and reforms of China.

Xi further referred that the changing international developments and a complex and problematic external environment, a slogan was cited by the Chinese authorities which was related to the growing threats with the Washington ever since the Chinese trade war.

The four day session gave the officials a greater knowledge about the new risks and new problems that are encountered by China as reported by Xinhua.

On behalf of the Chinese Academy of Governance Zhu Lijia pointed out to Xi’s statement and also to the study session that underlined the Beijing consequences regarding the issues from the trade war.

Countdown to the settlement of the Trade War

The address given by Xi is expressed severely and is very dignified one, Zhu stated. The impact of the trade war on China’s economy will be reflected in 2019.

Wang mentioned that the Xi’s concern to foreign insecurities was under the influence of the growing atmosphere of the dispute that was taking place between China and US and also with is respective allies.

If the trade war between US and China is won, then what will it resemble for Donald Trump and Xi Jinping?

European Union, Australia and other Western countries along with the United States, all these countries are together and support this conceptual conflict Zhu added.

Zhang Lifan the political based commentator of the Beijing accepted that the trade war is the battlefront of the leadership’s thinking.

The trade war may not end during this year and if it does end then there will be constitutional reforms to the China’s economy if claimed by the United States then it might pretend a challenge towards the Communist Party. Zhang mentioned. In order to end the long term conflict these changes are not sufficient and the fact of the matter is that United State still imagines China as an enemy.

In July, the trade war began when the United State made announcement about penalizing taxes on the Chinese goods, this movement provoked Beijing for instant revenge.

The trade war between China and United State has impacted the global stock markets and also the world economy. March 1 is the deadline for both the countries to reach to an agreement before another threat arises related to increase in tariff.

Xi’s prolonged list of definite risks during his speech mentioned that Xi further wanted to strengthen his power, Zhang said it.

Seven barriers of risks were identified by Xi and there seems to be nothing that institutes a risk, Zhang mentioned. This is one of the most critical statements given by Xi, and this further indicates that it is essential for the party to stay together and united around him.

Call to battle has been formulated, but what is China attentive for?

The Chinese specialist Chris Johnson at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, according to US research institute there seems a connection between the long list of risks stated by Xi in his speech and the command that he gave the party to be prepared for the battle.

From the perspective of Power dynamics it clearly defines- the capacity of Xi to call upon an unexpected meeting and to look upon all the authorities and to inform them that – I am aware of all the noise, but I am floating in one direction. Johnson further stated that if you are not available this indicates that you are out of the party line and you probably need to get in within the party line.

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