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Money Motion: A grand FinTech event you shouldn’t miss!

Money Motion: A grand FinTech event you shouldn’t miss!

As per the latest analysis by McKinsey consulting firm, FinTech solutions are the most preferred banking option among Europeans as it provides speed flexibility, fewer costs, and quality service. Moreover, these FinTech companies are ranked among the top five banking institutions. 

It has been noted that there is still a gap between the rapidly growing FinTech market and the national FinTech ecosystems. To overcome this problem and to leverage the potential of FinTech solutions, Money Motion has organized the biggest FinTech conference. 

However, there are many such events being organized across the world. You can keep checking for the upcoming Fintech Events that await to come up this year. 

This Money Motion conference will bring together over 35 prominent experts from different financial sectors like payments, banking, crypto space, and financial technology, which is going to take place on the 9th and 10th of March in Zagreb, Croatia. 

This Fintech Event will address areas such as banking, digital identity, personal finance, and discovering the challenges that the financial market has experienced. There will be a discussion about investment diversification, the current state of payment, customer expectations, providing top-notch solutions, and creating a genuine community.

Money Motion has a competition for appreciating FinTech startups, and the best ten startups will be rewarded a cash prize of 5,000 euros. Not just participants and FinTech novices are going to be a part of it. However, the big names in the industry will be a part of this largest regional FinTech conference. There will be well-known Croatian banks, representatives of HANFA, and the deputy governor of the CNB.

Well-known FinTech names such as Mastercard, ASEE, UBIK, and Monri have worked together in organizing the Money Motion conference to provide a unique opportunity to speak to experts and build business connections. 

The regional professionals and finance enthusiasts will get to know the solutions to the challenges faced between the traditional financial market and modern technologies. So, don’t miss a chance to listen to experts, exchange each other’s experiences, and meet like-minded people.

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