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Nancy Pelosi Says No US-UK Trade Deal if Good Friday Agreement is Weakened


The sovereignty of the Republic of Ireland has always been an issue that has not been addressed yet in any of the Brexit deals that have been put forward by British Prime Minister Theresa May, and in a new development, United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned against such a strategy. Pelosi, who is going to be in the Republic of Ireland on Tuesday, stated that the possibility of any US-UK trade deal in a post-Brexit world would be in jeopardy if the Good Friday Agreement is weakened in any way. She will be meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland Leo Vardarkar later on today, and it is believed that the issue of Brexit is going to be at the top of the agenda.

Prior to her visit to the Republic of Ireland, Pelosi was in London and on Monday, she spoke at the storied London School of Economics. It was during that discussion that she stated that the no-trade deals will be inked between the two countries if the Good Friday Agreement is diluted in any way. She said, “First of all it is very hard to pass a trade bill in the Congress of the United States, so it’s not given anyway, But if there were any weakening of the Good Friday accords, there would be no chance whatsoever, a non-starter for a US-UK trade agreement.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has been trying unsuccessfully to get her deal through the Parliament, with the Members having voted overwhelmingly against the deals that she has brought up so far. The original deadline for Brexit as the 29th of March, but the UK have now managed to get an extension from the EU since no deal has yet been agreed by the lawmakers in the country. Although it is true that no deal Brexit seems to be off the table, it is not completely out of the question and if that happens, then there is every chance that the country would plunge into economic chaos. It is indeed a strange situation for people who advocated for Brexit. They had stated that if the country exited the EU, then it would be easier for it to strike trade deals with a variety of countries.

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