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Two Senators of Pennsylvania File a Bill to Legalize Marijuana

Two Senators of Pennsylvania File a Bill to Legalize Marijuana

There is good news for all the supporters of marijuana in the US state of Pennsylvania as the two Pennsylvanian senators have filed a bill to legalize marijuana yesterday, on October 15, 2019. The move has come out only weeks after Governor Tom Wolf expressed his support for legalizing marijuana for recreational usage.

The senators who have filed the bill are Sharif Street and Daylin Leach. The legislation, if passed, would enable anyone aged 21 and above to cultivate, purchase, and possess cannabis.

The bill includes provisions for social justice, encouraging equity in this industry. Moreover, it also includes eradication of previous marijuana convictions in addition to offering individuals with low income a chance to avail interest-free loans for participating in this market.

Per the reports, the bill would enable adults to grow up to 10 plants of cannabis for personal usage. Apart from that, there would be permissions for marijuana deliveries along with lounges for social use at dispensaries.

In his statement, Leach termed the cannabis policy of Pennsylvania irrational, cruel and expensive. He also said that getting this bill to pass would be a difficult battle similar to the one with medical marijuana. He was quoted as saying,

We did that, and we’ll do this too.

It is vital to note that the Governor passed a bill that legalized the medical usage of cannabis in Pennsylvania back in 2016. Although marijuana is considered to be helpful in a number of medical conditions, it can’t be recommended to use long-term for Glaucoma.

Street also expressed his opinions by saying that the end to cannabis prohibition is overdue and it’s time for them to be a part of the emerging economy of cannabis “with the legalization of the Adult Use of Cannabis in PA.” When adults use it responsibly, it shouldn’t be construed as a crime, he added.   

The bill intends to restrict the big marijuana companies’ influence and empower smaller businesses to venture into the market. According to the reports, the present dispensaries of medical cannabis would be able to sell recreation-based products if they keep the supply chains separate. Also, micro growers would be allowed to cultivate a maximum of 150 plants; the permits would cost 250 dollars annually. One owner is allowed to operate not more than 3 shops.

The press release shared by the lawmakers also revealed that the retail sales of cannabis would have 17.5 percent tax. As per the lawmakers’ predictions, it would generate about 500 million dollars during its first implementation year. The report also noted that the revenue would mostly be directed to schools that would decide the spending of their shares.

In order to acquire wide public support, Leach has also unveiled a website. He also said that it would be a moral, political, and economic win for both sides, keeping the black market down.

All in all, the bill seems to have everything to create excitement among all the marijuana advocates – from personal cultivation to home deliveries and social utilization lounges. Whether it sees the light of the day, remains to be seen.

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