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VideoCoin Network Shares Its Orbital Application’s Source Code

VideoCoin Network Shares Its Orbital App Source Code

VideoCoin Network has just shared with their users the source code of the iOS version of its Orbital Application here on Thursday. This will help in completing the triumvirate along with the Android and Web source code.

The VideoCoin Network can be defined as a decentralized video platform that has altered the procedure of creating, storing, and distributing video content all across the globe. Now VideoCoin seeks to transform the huge video services market.

Orbital has become the first reference application available on VideoCoin Network. It highlights things that developers will be able to do. The Orbital application can be described as a broadcasting tool that permits the users to share or send a live stream or “Live Cast” of approximately 3 minutes duration to the broader of Orbital audience.

You will be able to conveniently bootstrap an app with the help of Orbital source code on the VideoCoin Network, thus saving you several months and thousands of dollars that could have gone in development time.

If you are keen to stream with the help of VideoCoin Network, you need to create a publisher account here:

Meanwhile, you can secure the API token to join into the app, and begin streaming.

In case you look for detailed setup instructions, you can find it in the project’s README.

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