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Bitcoin Arbitrage – All You Need to Know

Bitcoin Arbitrage - All You Need to Know

In the world of finance, arbitrage is one of the best strategies used by traders. To make instant profits from any financial instrument, you can sell an asset at a market other than the one you bought it from at a higher price. Arbitrage is a proven process of buying and selling an asset to profit from the price difference between the markets. In crypto trading, arbitrage is a great way to make instant profits. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, it is easy to trade crypto tokens through arbitrage. It helps you earn profits by exploiting the differences in the price of similar cryptocurrencies but different decentralized exchanges. 

Understanding Crypto Arbitrage 

When you apply the practice of arbitrage in cryptocurrency investments, it becomes “crypto arbitrage.” 

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is completely legal. While it does exploit the price gaps between these exchanges, it also fuels the volume of crypto transactions around the world. Simply put, a trader using arbitrage is simply buying and selling crypto, which is completely legit. 

What is Bitcoin Arbitrage?

Bitcoin is the world’s largest and most valuable cryptocurrency. It is currently valued at more than $50,000 as of late-February 2021. 

Since different decentralized crypto exchanges have different price rates, Bitcoin arbitrage is always profitable. Bitcoin arbitrage is different from arbitrage in other markets because it’s harder to place a value on Bitcoin. Profitable Bitcoin arbitrage is all about looking for differences between the prices on one cryptocurrency exchange and another and then executing a buy and a sell. But the number of Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities has shrunk in recent years, as more and more institutions with sophisticated trading algorithms have gotten into the Bitcoin arbitrage business with services commonly known as BTC arbitrage bots.

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Five Barriers to Bitcoin Arbitrage

In Bitcoin arbitrage, you’re likely to face multiple deterrents. These factors will act as setbacks, but you can try to overcome them as much as possible. 

  1. Time lost in verifying transactions can stir the prices. During this time, your Bitcoin price may change drastically, but you won’t be able to leverage the price difference. 
  2. Several crypto exchanges take time to process large volumes of BTC trades. During this period, the BTC price may increase considerably. 
  3. Concerning the exchange fees, you can lose profits if the exchange fees are high. Some exchanges tend to eat away profits derived from Bitcoin arbitrage.
  4. For significant profits, the transaction volume needs to be considerably high. Hence, Bitcoin arbitrage is more suitable for big investors. 
  5. In some instances, there is a discrepancy in the price differences. It happens due to technical glitches on exchange platforms. In such cases, your funds can be sold at an extremely lower price. Such scams are prevalent in unregulated crypto exchange environments. 

How to Use Bitcoin Arbitrage Calculator

While using a Bitcoin arbitrage calculator, you need to consider multiple fees that come into play. To begin with, you need to add the Fiat currency deposit fees while buying 1 BTC at an exchange. After you buy the Bitcoin, you need to calculate your total spending at this stage. 

Then you sell this BTC to another exchange, there is a deduction of Bitcoin withdrawal fees from the first exchange. Simultaneously, there is a deduction of Bitcoin deposit fees from the next exchange. In this step, two deductions take place. Finally, when the sale is complete, and you are converting your crypto arbitrage profits into fiat currency, a Fiat withdrawal fee gets deducted. 

Some Bitcoin Arbitrage calculators compile these calculations together as “Transaction Fees.” These fees act as trading fees for buying BTC from one exchange and selling it to another exchange. 

How are trades executed to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity?

In Bitcoin trading, taking advantage of an arbitrage opportunity is easy. It depends on how the trader can accurately predict the price differences. By studying the price trends, market movements, and exchange fees, you can execute successful trades between the variable prices of BTC across exchanges. 

How to Arbitrage Bitcoin in 2021?

To arbitrage Bitcoin in 2021, you need to be very quick with the transactions. It is best to use exchanges that can provide instant BTC trading. Some days, the price increase may last for a few seconds or less. In such cases, you need to use trading tools that help you compare prices in real-time across exchanges. 

Final Thoughts 

The best way to make profits from Bitcoin arbitrage is to make decisive trading decisions on how to act during the interplay of the market. This is where you find the relationship between demand, availability, and capacity in the Bitcoin marketplace. For most people, it is nearly impossible to earn profits from Bitcoin arbitrage. However, traders can still learn to become successful at Bitcoin arbitrage in 2021.

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